Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We love your brewery and want to host a party there. Do you have space for private parties?

Answer: While we are thrilled that you would consider hosting a private event at Tonewood, we are not able to accommodate large groups for private functions. To best serve all of our customers, we do not reserve space.

Question: Do you allow outside food or drink?



Yes! We allow you to bring your own food or order from any number of local businesses. \


You may bring Non-Alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, sodas, juice, coffee, and tea.

You may NOT bring any beverage that contains alcohol. This includes, but is not limited to, hard cider, wine, mead, liquor, or prepackaged beer.

Question: Do you fill Growlers? Does the Growler have to be from Tonewood?

Answers: We do fill Growlers, but not all of the beers available on draft are available in Growlers. If we have gone to the effort of putting beer into six-pack or four-pack cans, we will not fill those beers in Crowlers nor Growlers. We are happy to fill other breweries Growlers as well as unmarked Growlers. 

Question: I struggle with Gluten intolerance. Do you make a Gluten-free/Gluten-reduced beer?

Answers: While we understand the struggle and feel your pain, we do not make any modifications to our beers to reduce gluten content. Beer is made with grain.

Question: Can I buy a keg of your beer for a private party at my home?

Answers: Unfortunately, the supply of packaged beer is being met by demand at many of the finest bars and restaurants in our area, leaving us in a position where we are unable to sell kegs directly to customers.

Question: Do you offer flights of taster sized pours?

Answers: We do not offer flights of taster sized pours. We do have six-ounce pours, which we are happy to fill two at a time.

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