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A Bull Walks Into a Brewery

November 30, 2016


When we make fifteen barrels of beer at Tonewood Brewing, we use a lot of grain – roughly half a ton. Batch after batch, the grain really adds up. Having thousands of pounds of spent grain forced us to think creatively about how we can responsibly get rid all that waste.


Enter farmer Larry Day. Mr. Day owns a modest farm in Atco, New Jersey where he raises and breeds horses, cows, pigs, goats, donkeys, chickens, geese, and dogs. With Mr. Day's help, the grain is collected and fed to his farm animals.


Every bit of Tonewood Brewing grain is responsibly managed. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is put into a landfill. All of the grain is used to help feed animals.


And, they love the stuff! Between the seven horses, five goats, young bull, pot-belly pig, miniature pony, and donkey those thousand pounds of grain don't last long.


At Tonewood, we want to make sure to sustainably steward resources, to remember our responsibility to the environment, and to take part in our community. We're proud of our connection to farmer Larry Day and the way in which we have reduced our waste.







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