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Deer Creek - New Beer, Locally Sourced Ingredients

September 8, 2017


Nestled in the southwest corner of Delaware County, Deer Creek Malthouse is a craft producer of artisanal malts and hops. Recently, we reached out to our neighbors at Deer Creek with an idea to create a truly local beer, inspired by the season and by ingredients that are grown, processed, and managed in this amazing region. The result is an exciting beer that takes full advantage of Deer Creek’s flavorful malts and freshly harvested hops. We are excited to share that beer with you. In honor of the source, we're calling it Deer Creek



Floor Malting

Deer Creek Malthouse uses traditional and advanced malting technique in their processes. One such traditional technique is called Floor Malting, a process by which grain is germinated, spread across the floor, and turned by hand to properly oxygenate throughout kilning. It is a technique that most modern maltsters do not employ, due to the careful personal attention and exhaustive manual work that is required. Deer Creek’s use of floor malting is an example of their attention to detail and their willingness to do things differently in order to produce the highest quality products. Much of the grist of Deer Creek comes from floor malting.


Wet Hopping

Harvesting hops takes place once each year, generally from mid-August to early-September. Because of the single harvest, hop farmers have to take great care to ensure their crop is properly stored, in order that it goes from field to brewery without loss of quality throughout the purchasing year. Light restrictive packaging, cold storage, and hop pelletization help to safeguard a harvest. But, another method to safeguard the freshness of hops is simply to use them when they are fresh, during the time of the harvest.  Deer Creek, uses fresh hops straight from the bine (also known as Wet Hopping). The hops have not been processed or stored in any way. We harvested these hops, drove directly back to the brewery, and used them that same day.














Local Flavor

Deer Creek is full of the flavors of our region. We’re proud to share Deer Creek with you. In the spirit of the beer – drink it fresh!

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